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Story County, Iowa
Iowa State College Alumni

Partial List as of 1914 for Alumni
or Ex-Students 1872–1914

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Results from Surname...
Surname Given Maiden
Degree Address 1914 Note 1917 Note
Campbell A.L. 1912 B.S. in M.E. Park Rapids, Minn.
Campbell Carlyle 1911 B.S. in Dy. R.F.D. No 4, Ames, Iowa
Campbell Claude V. 1904 B.S. Jewell, Iowa
Campbell Clyde B. 1913 B.S. in A.H. Deer River, Minn. Alumni Notes: Clyde Campbell (AH) is running a 400 acre farm near Park Rapids, Minn. He is speializing in Jersey cattle, Shropshire sheep and Poland China hogs.
Campbell Colin 1904 none Botna, Iowa Ex-student
Campbell Effie Curtiss 1895 B.L. 1520 Pruitt St., Ft. Worth, Tex.
Campbell Foster 1907 B.S.A. Tongaloo, Miss.
Campbell Frank H. 1894 B.C.E. 1520 Pruitt St. Ft. Worth, Texas
Campbell G.S. 1910 B.S. in M.E. 80 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Ill.
Campbell Grace 1902 B.S. Newton, Iowa
Campbell Guy R. 1906 B.C.E. Emmetsburg, Iowa
Campbell Ida Clark 1894 B.L. Clear Lake, Iowa
Campbell J.E. 1886 none R.F.D., No. 4, Ames, Iowa Ex-student
Campbell J.O. 1881 none Mendota, Texas Ex-student
Campbell J.R. 1909 B.S.A. Mott, N.D.
Campbell Jessie 1914 B.S. in H. Ec. 111 W. 14th St., Cedar Falls, Iowa
Campbell Jos. R. 1902 D.V.M. Pomona, Calif.
Campbell L. Iowa 1894 B.L. Newton, Iowa
Campbell Mabel 1908 B.S. Kingston, R.I.
Campbell Mabel 1905 B.S. State College, Kingston, R.I.
Campbell Maud 1908 none Talladega College, Talladega, Ala. Ex-student
Campbell Maude 1914 B.S. in H. Ec. Ames, Iowa
Campbell Paul C. 1909 B.M.E. 823 Scarritt Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
Campbell Robt. C. 1914 B.S. in M.E. Harlan, Iowa
Campbell Wilson Lee 1894 B.C.E., E.E. 420 So. Spring Ave., La Grange, Ill.

Results from Maiden Name...
Surname Given Maiden
Degree Address 1914 Note 1917 Note
Fassett Alfa Campbell 1877 B.S. 118 So. Scoville Ave., Oak Park, Ill
McCusker Clare Campbell 1899 B.S. 461 N.E. 20th St., Portland, Ore.

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