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Story County, Iowa
Iowa State College Alumni

Partial List as of 1914 for Alumni
or Ex-Students 1872–1914

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Surname Given Maiden
Degree Address 1914 Note 1917 Note
Allen A.M. 1883 B.S. 2116 Kenwood Park, Minneapolis, Minn
Allen Ami L. 1913 B.S. in Dy. Ames, Iowa
Allen Chloe Packman 1912 none Apt. 12, 614 E. 6th South, Salt Lake City, Utah Ex-student
Allen Frank M. 1908 B.C.E. Box 410, Salt Lake City, Utah
Allen J.B. 1888 B.S. R.F.D., No. 4, Codaz, Nebr.
Allen Jos. R. 1899 B.S. 111 Independence Ave., Waterloo, Iowa
Allen S.W. 1909 B.S.A. For. Service, Red Bluff, Calif. Alumni Notes: Shirley W. Allen (For) announces the arrival of Robert Shirley Allen at his home, March 23, at Syracuse, N.Y. Mr. Allen has charge of Forest Extension at the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse Univ.

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