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Story County, Iowa
1910 Federal Census

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Results from search on Census Surname
Name Age Sex Relationship Birth Place Trade Township or Town
Allas A ADAMS 55 F Wife Ohio Assists in store Ames City
Bessie M ADAMS 5 F Daughter Iowa None Richland Twp
Bessie M ADAMS 23 F Servant Iowa Servant Warren Twp
Caroline ADAMS 11 F Daughter Iowa None Ames City
Chevalier V ADAMS 8 M Son Iowa None Ames City
Clinton J ADAMS 5 M Son Iowa None Ames City
Clyde W ADAMS 30 M Son Texas None Ames City
Ed T ADAMS 54 M Head Iowa Carpenter Ames City
Edith F ADAMS 1 1/12 F Daughter Iowa None Franklin Twp
Edward W ADAMS 45 M Head Wisconsin Farmer Lincoln Twp
Elmer A ADAMS 3 M Son New Jersey None Ames City
Elmer E ADAMS 37 M Head New Jersey Barber Ames City
Elston ADAMS 17 M Son Iowa Farm Laborer Grant Twp
Emma ADAMS 44 F Wife Indiana None Grant Twp
Emma C ADAMS 56 F Wife Canada (Eng.) None Union Twp
Emma J ADAMS 42 F Wife Iowa None Richland Twp
Fanny ADAMS 62 F Head New York None Nevada Town
Frank ADAMS 30 M Head Iowa Farmer Richland Twp
Frank E ADAMS 3 M Son Iowa None Ames City
Horatio ADAMS 16 M Son Iowa Lincoln Twp
Howard ADAMS 30 M Head Iowa Confectionary Ames City
Ida M ADAMS 36 F Wife Pennsylvania None Ames City
James O ADAMS 20 M Son Iowa Laborer Union Twp
James W ADAMS 58 M Head Ohio Grocery Merchant Ames City
Jesse ADAMS 20 M Son Kansas Farm Laborer Grant Twp
Jessie L ADAMS 26 F Wife Missouri None Ames City
Joseph P ADAMS M Boarder Iowa Blacksmith Maxwell Town
Kittie A ADAMS 58 F Head Illinois None Ames City
Louise ADAMS 33 F Daughter Norway None Palestine Twp
Lynn C ADAMS 38 F Wife Ohio None Ames City
M Grace ADAMS 23 F Daughter South Dakota Seamstress Ames City
Margaret ADAMS 4 F Daughter Iowa None Ames City
Mary J ADAMS 52 F Wife Iowa None Ames City
Mary P ADAMS 43 F Wife Iowa None Lincoln Twp
Melton ADAMS 55 M Head Iowa Farmer Grant Twp
Milton J ADAMS 44 M Head Ohio Instructor & merchant Ames City
Rebecca ADAMS 75 F Head Ohio Own income Ames City
Rosa ADAMS 18 F Wife Iowa None Franklin Twp
Roy ADAMS 26 M Head Iowa Laborer Franklin Twp
Russel ADAMS 11 M Son Iowa Lincoln Twp
Russell H ADAMS 12 M Nephew New Jersey None Washinton Twp
Ruth ADAMS 14 F Daughter Iowa Lincoln Twp
Theron E ADAMS 20 M Son Iowa Lincoln Twp
Thurston M ADAMS 7/12 M Son Iowa None Ames City
Walter J ADAMS 58 M Head Canada (Eng.) Farmer Union Twp
William N ADAMS 23 M Son Iowa Student Union Twp

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