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Results from search on Census Surname
Name Post Office Township/Town Card No.
A. C. EIDE Huxley Palestine Township 146
Alexander EIDE Roland Roland Town 358
Alice M. EIDE McCallsburg Warren Township 134
Alvin EIDE Slater Palestine Township 544
Anna EIDE Slater Palestine Township 539
Anna EIDE Huxley Palestine Township 143
Belle EIDE Slater Palestine Township 540
Bertha J. EIDE Roland Roland Town 588
Christine EIDE Roland Roland Town 357
Elias EIDE Roland Roland Town 587
Florine A. EIDE Kelley Kelley 109
G. O. EIDE Huxley Palestine Township 141
G. T. EIDE Slater Palestine Township 538
Gye R. EIDE Roland Roland Town 590
Henry M. EIDE Roland Roland Town 591
J.H. EIDE Roland Roland Town 356
Jeffery EIDE Roland Roland Town 592
Johanne E. EIDE Roland Roland Town 589
John O. EIDE Huxley Palestine Township 145
Karine EIDE Huxley Palestine Township 142
Lewis EIDE Huxley Palestine Township 144
Liz EIDE Slater Palestine Township 541
Maggie EIDE Huxley Huxley 95
Martha EIDE McCallsburg Warren Township 133
Mattie EIDE Slater Palestine Township 542
Minnie EIDE Huxley Huxley 96
Mrs. Ole EIDE Huxley Huxley 94
Ole EIDE Huxley Huxley 93
Ora S. EIDE McCallsburg Warren Township 135
Ralph EIDE Slater Palestine Township 545
Tence EIDE Slater Palestine Township 543
Thomas B. EIDE McCallsburg Warren Township 132
Thomas L. EIDE Kelley Kelley 108
Victor EIDE Roland Roland Town 359

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