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Story County, Iowa
1900 Federal Census

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Results from search on Census Surname
Name Age Sex Relationship Birth Place Occupation Township or Town
Alice DAY 28 F Wife Iowa Nevada Twp
Annie M DAY 1 F Daughter Iowa Sherman Twp
Ben DAY 31 M Head Illinois Farmer Lincoln Twp
Carl S DAY 25 M Head Iowa Farmer Collins Twp
Cornelia C DAY 36 F Wife Illinois Sherman Twp
Eddy F DAY 30 M Head Indiana Day Laborer Collins Town
Edwin DAY 29 M Head Illinois Farmer Nevada Twp
George W DAY 44 M Head Illinois Farmer Sherman Twp
Harvey DAY 28 M Head Iowa Photographer Nevada Town
Harvey E DAY 3/12 M Son Iowa Atty at Law Nevada Town
James W DAY 8 M Son Iowa Ames
Jennie DAY 23 F Wife Iowa Lincoln Twp
Lavina DAY 32 F Wife Iowa Ames
Lessie DAY 10 M Son Iowa Sherman Twp
Liddie DAY 7 F Daughter Iowa Lincoln Twp
Mary J DAY 25 F Sister-in-law New Jersey Deputy County Recorder Nevada Town
Myrtle DAY 28 F Wife Iowa Nevada Town
Nancy J DAY 41 F Wife Ohio Collins Town
Rose E DAY 20 F Wife Iowa Collins Twp
Roy S DAY 10 M Son Iowa At school Ames
Ruth A DAY 5/12 F Daughter Iowa Sherman Twp
Sussie DAY 10 F Daughter Iowa Sherman Twp
Viola DAY 11 F Niece Illinois At school Nevada Town
William DAY 33 M Head New Jersey Commercial Traveler Ames
William E DAY 27 M Head Iowa Vet Surgeon Ames

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