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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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Miscellaneous matter—population of the state by decades—members of the first. Second and third constitutional conventions—gubernatorial vote of the state from 1846 to 1887—electoral vote since 1848—vote on the prohibitory law and the prohibitory amendment—territorial and state officers from 1838 to 1890—full catalogue of congressmen—stock—statistics—coal output—land grants, etc.

His corn and cattle were his only care And his supreme delight a country fair.-Dryden.

WHEN Wisconsin Territory was organized, in 1836, the entire population numbered 10,531. What is now Iowa then consisted of t w o counties, Dubuque and Des Moines, formed by the Territory of Michigan in 1834, of which they then constituted a part. From 1836 to 1838 the Territorial Legislature of Wisconsin increased the number of counties to sixteen, and the population had increased to 22,859. Since then, the counties have increased to ninety-nine, and the population, in 1880, was 1,624,615. The following table will show the population at different periods since the erection of Iowa Territory:

Not only in population, but in everything contributing to the growth and greatness of a State has Iowa made rapid progress. In a little more than forty years, its wild but beautiful prairies have advanced from the home of the savage to a highly civilized commonwealth, embracing all the elements of progress which characterize the older States.

The following-named were members of the first constitutional convention of Iowa, which convened at Iowa City, October 7, 1844, and adjourned November 1, 1844.

Lee County-Charles Stanley, Alexander Kerr, David Galland, Calvin J. Price, James Marsh, John Thompson, Henry M. Salmon, O. S. Peck.

Des Moines County-James Clarke, Henry Robinson, John D. Wright, Shepherd Leffler, Andrew Hooten, Enos Lowe, John Ripley, George Hepner.

Van Buren County-Elisha Cutler, Jr., John Davidson, Paul Brattain, David Ferguson, Gideon S. Bailey, John Hale, Jr., Thomas Charlton.

Jefferson County-Robert Brown, Hardin Butler, Sulifand S. Ross, James I. Murray, Samuel Whitmore.

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