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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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at Roland, was in the original parish, organized in 1855 by Rev. _____ _____. In 1860 a pastor from Norway arrived, and the membership included nearly all the Norwegians within a radius of probably twelve miles about Story City. In 1877 Rev. C. B. Jacobsen was called to assist the pastor, Rev. N. Amlund, and in 1879 the Roland Church became a separate parish, and he became its pastor. In 1874 a frame edifice, seating some 600 people, was erected at a cost of about $5,000, and in 1885 a pipe organ, valued at $800, was added to it. In 1890 they were able to have a $2,500 parsonage. The growth since Rev. Jacobsen's work began is well illustrated by the membership increase, it being 630 in 1879 and 1,194 at the present writing. They have a large Sunday-school and four flourishing ladies' societies.

St. Peter's Norwegian Lutheran Church, at Story City, the center of Story County's Norway, has a large congregation of about 900 souls, and a Sunday-school in a flourishing condition. Their first pastor, Rev. N. Amlund, began his service in 1860, and has continued ever since, except during the period between 1883 and 1888, the pastorate of Rev. L. Sheryen. The church has prospered, and has a fine building valued at about $6,000. The present trustees are K. Egland, S. Anderson, G. Lee and T. Henryson.

Salem Norwegian Lutheran Church, at Roland, is a member of the Hauge synod, and was organized by the members of this branch of the church, located in Story and Hamilton Counties, in 1868. The first officers were John Evenson, L. Henderson and Jonas Duea, trustees, with Deacons J. B. Jacobson, J. Pierson and B. Henderson. Rev. Andrew Johnson was the first pastor, from 1869 to 1873, when Rev. I. Eisteinson began a pastorate, extending from 1873 to the present pastorate of Rev. C. C. Holter, in 1884. The society has steadily prospered, until it has reached a membership of 450, while its building, which was erected a mile west of Roland, at a cost of $2,000, has since been moved to Roland, and is now having about $1,500 worth of improvements made to it. They also have a Sunday-school and the usual societies.

The First Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Nevada, until recently, has been a member of the Augustana synod. The society was formed by Rev. O. Sheldahl, on March 6, 1870, and with the following members: I. A. Ringheim and wife, Nels Simonson and wife, Colben C. Sime and wife, Henry Rasmusen and wife and Gertrude Sime. Rev. Sheldahl was the first pastor, and has been successively followed by Revs. I. Eisteinson, P. J. Solberg and Rev. C. C. Holter. Their services are not very regular, so that for all practical purposes they have become more or less identified with the English Lutheran Church at Nevada, whose building they have used since it was erected. They use the English language in their Sunday-school.

The First Church of Sheldahl was organized on December 2, 1876, with about twelve families, by Rev. O. Sheldahl. The officers were: Ole Hauge, leader; I. Fisher, secretary; T. Hauge, Nels Veste and H. Ferdahl, elders, and others as trustees. They had no church until 1882, when Rev. Sheldahl, the pastor, erected one at his own expense, costing about $1,000. They now have a membership of but about twenty-four, on account of the moving away of many of the Sheldahl people. They have a prosperous Sunday-school.

Bethlehem Norwegian Church, at Slater, was organized at Sheldahl in the fall of 1877, and held its first yearly meeting on January 12, 1878. The first officers were: E. Holverson, H. H. Warren, C. L. Askeland, L. Thompson,

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