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1890 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Story County, Iowa

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hall, while their numbers have increased to seventy-two. The post commanders have been D. A. Bigelow, 1881; D. S. Bosworth, 1882; Henry Wilson, Jr., 1883; M. Hemstreet, 1884; Thomas J. Miller, 1885; George G. Tilden, 1886; C. E. Haverly, 1887; J. E. Duncan, 1888; D. A. Bigelow, 1889, and S. P. O'Brien, 1890. Gen. James L. Geddes and Col. (by brevet) D. A. Bigelow are two deceased members who should be honorably mentioned. It was in honor of the former that the next society, J. L. Geddes Camp No. 58, S. of V., was named and formed November 2, 1885. It began with thirty-one charter members, and officers: J. H. Pickett, captain; George M. Pitson, first lieutenant; E. L. Loughran, second lieutenant. The General presented them with a fine silk flag, which they prize highly. The successive captains are J. H. Pickett, to August 3, 1887; Henry Wilson, Jr., to 1889; S. G. Hamilton, to August, 1889, since which time L. C. Tilden has been the incumbent. It was February 4, 1887, that the Woman's Relief Corps was organized, by Gen. Geddes, with thirty-four members, and Mrs. Elizabeth Geddes as president. On October 20, 1887, Ames Lodge No. 309, I. O. O. F., was chartered, with these members and officers: C. Diehl, N. G.; W. F. Chevalier, V. G.; H. McDaniels, Treas.; E. B. Albright, Sec. ; W. West and G. H. Gates. This number has since increased remarkably to 102, with property and cash covering about $2,000. The noble grands following Mr. Diehl are J. J. Dayton, 1887; W. F. Chevalier, 1888; H. P. McLain, 1888; M. Hemstreet, 1889; C. E. Hunt, 1889, and C. M. Soper, 1890. They lease their hall in the Tilden Block to six other societies. A lodge of Knights of Pythias was formed with the title Champion Lodge No. 150, with J. L. Stevens, P. C., and the other usual officers, but its charter was surrendered January 24, 1888. Good Templar and Modern Woodmen fraternities have also been organized.

Scarcely four years after Ames was laid out banking was begun by W. D. Lucas, in a private bank, in 1869. He occupied various rooms until in 1873 he built the rooms of the Union National Bank. In 1879-80 W. M. Greeley was his partner, but they dissolved and Greeley & Rainbolt (N. A.) opened a second bank; in 1881, however, a new company was formed under the State banking laws, called the Union Bank of Ames, into which were merged the other banks, W. M. Greeley, president, with E. R. Chamberlain, cashier, being its officers. The capital of the new bank was $50,000. A complete reorganization occurred July 1, 1883, by the formation of the Union National Bank of Ames, with the same capital and the following directory: W. M. Greeley, president; G. G. Tilden, vice-president; E. R. Chamberlain, cashier; D. McCarthy, D. A. Bigelow, J. L. Stevens and E. W. Stanton. The only changes made have been the succession of D. A. Bigelow (deceased in 1890) to the office held by G. G. Tilden, on January 1, 1887, and the substitution of D. G. Ives for Mr. Chamberlain in the directory. The bank's condition is as follows: Undivided profits, $7,500, and surplus, $8,000. Their correspondents are: Atlas National Bank, Chicago; Third National Bank, New York; and Valley National Bank, Des Moines. On the opposite side of Onondaga Street, on Block 13, was established a private bank, in 1888, by Armstrong & Robinson, with the title of the Story County Bank. Its capital from the first, has been about $20,000. In May, 1890, it was purchased by Sheldon & Shelden, the officers being Parley Sheldon, president, and B. J. Shelden, as cashier. The First National Banks of Chicago and Marshalltown are their correspondents.

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