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Story County, Iowa
1880 Federal Census

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Name A
or Town
Alfred W DAVIS 45 M England Painter Nevada Town
Almay DAVIS 12 F Daughter Iowa Collins Twp
Berley DAVIS 2 M Iowa Nevada Town
C H A DAVIS 45 M New Hampshire Farmer Collins Twp
Charlie DAVIS 11 M Iowa Nevada Town
Chas E DAVIS 11 M Son Ohio Nevada Town
Chister DAVIS 22 M Son Michigan Works on farm Washington Twp
Cora DAVIS 10 F Iowa Nevada Town
David DAVIS 31 M Nephew South Wales Farmer Collins Twp
Elizabeth DAVIS 57 F Wife New York Keeping house Washington Twp
Elizabeth DAVIS 25 F Niece South Wales Collins Twp
Elizabeth J DAVIS 41 F Wife Canada Keeping house Nevada Town
Ellery DAVIS 24 M Son New York Artist Ames Town
Ellie DAVIS 20 F Daughter Michigan Student Washington Twp
Emily DAVIS 44 F New York Keeping house Ames Town
Eudora R DAVIS 17 F Daughter Illinois Collins Twp
Flora DAVIS 6 F Iowa Nevada Town
Frank E DAVIS 20 M Son New York Teamster Ames Town
Frank R DAVIS 4/12 M Iowa Nevada Town
Freddie G DAVIS 6 M Son Iowa Nevada Town
G A DAVIS 23 M Missouri Photographer Indian Creek Twp
Genifra DAVIS 9 F Daughter Iowa At school Ames Town
George DAVIS 20 M Boarder New York Works Printing O Ames Town
George S DAVIS 15 M Son New York At home Franklin Twp
Harrie DAVIS 5 M Son Iowa Nevada Town
Harry B DAVIS 8 M Son Iowa Nevada Town
Hellen D DAVIS 15 F Daughter Ohio Nevada Town
Henry DAVIS 61 M New York Farmer Washington Twp
Herbert M DAVIS 17 M Son New York At home Franklin Twp
Hugh C DAVIS 8 M Son Iowa Franklin Twp
Huldah DAVIS 87 F Mother New Hampshire Collins Twp
Ida DAVIS 18 F Stepdaughter Illinois At home Indian Creek Twp
J D DAVIS 43 M Ohio Barber Nevada Town
J E DAVIS 28 M Virginia Farmer Nevada Twp
J L DAVIS 2 M Son Iowa Nevada Twp
John E DAVIS 47 M New York Farmer Franklin Twp
John L DAVIS 20 M Son Illinois Collins Twp
Josephine DAVIS 35 F Wife Pennsylvania Keeping house Nevada Town
Kittie DAVIS 4 F Iowa Nevada Town
L M DAVIS 23 F Wife Indiana Keeping house Nevada Twp
Laharles A DAVIS 22 M Boarder Vermont School teacher Ames Town
Lillie M DAVIS 3 F Daughter Iowa Nevada Town
Margaret DAVIS 9 F Daughter Iowa Collins Twp
Martha A DAVIS 49 F Wife New Hampshire Keeping house Collins Twp
Mary J DAVIS 5 F Niece South Wales Collins Twp
N E DAVIS 5 F Daughter Iowa Nevada Twp
Nellie DAVIS 29 F Iowa Keeping house Nevada Town
Orange J DAVIS 1 M Son Iowa Nevada Town
Rose DAVIS 8 F Iowa Nevada Town
Sarah A DAVIS 44 F Wife Vermont Keeping house Franklin Twp
Thomas C DAVIS 64 M Ohio Brick mason Nevada Town
Wm H H DAVIS 24 M Pennsylvania Tinner Ames Town
Wm John DAVIS 3/12 M Nephew South Wales Collins Twp

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